The Commandments of Morality

by The Hard Gospel

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Why doesn’t society have a secular list of rules that precisely define morality with exclusion to religion? We are not alone in this question/desire, nor do we claim authorship to the concept. Many scientist, philosophers, comedians, and even the Dalai Lama share a similar quest/idea. This list of suggestions we have created in song is not meant to replace any sort of religious document(s). It is merely designed to provoke thought in what constitutes morality.


released July 24, 2013

all songs written and arranged by The Hard Gospel

drums on all tracks by Robert Taylor

bass on all tracks by Zane Tremontana

guitar on all tracks by Brandon Marvin

vocals on all tracks by Brandon Marvin except ‘Thou Shalt Cause Malicious Intent’

solo on ‘Thou Shalt Cause Malicious Intent’ written and performed by Shane Gillis

vocals on ‘Thou Shalt Cause Malicious Intent’ written and performed by Jeff McLeod

backing vocals on "Parents Shall Be Persons That Create For A Child; A Stable, Nurturing Home Environment, Be a Positive Role Model, And Play a Positive And Active Part in the Child's Life" by Jeff McLeod

solos on 'Thou Shalt Rape, Abuse, and/or Torture' and ‘The Commandments of Morality’ written and performed by Terry Thornton

recorded by Jamie Uertz and Terry Thornton

edited, mixed, and mastered by Jamie Uertz at Sarcophagus Studios

artwork by Epic Problems - Illustration & Screenprinting by Neal Williams



all rights reserved


The Hard Gospel Prattville, Alabama

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Track Name: Thou Shall Have Empathy
If I were helpless in a bed
lying there near half-dead
would you show me empathy

it's in that book that you read
that golden rule it is said
to show thee empathy

so before you break bread
eat the flesh of the dead
pick and choose teachings
like a grab bag of beliefs

this one law holds true
and all you have to do
have compassionate feelings
love yourself and your siblings
Track Name: Thou Shall Strive to Achieve Altruism
sur vi val of the
fit ist is e vil
what you should trust in
what you should trust in

e-go-is-m no
al tru is m yes
what you should not say
what ev er they say

the prac tice for un
sel fish con cern is
what you should trust in
what you should trust in

with out with out you
hell or high water
al tru is m yes
al tru is m yes

you should strive to be altruistic
and realize you will never attain it
it's a concept you will never accomplish
let us be realistic

there is a reason we're put here
and it is for one another
Track Name: Thou Shalt  Steal, Be Dishonest or Unfaithful
do not cause or embrace dispositions of a horror fiction
which might cause unpleasant realism ramifications
in this reality you should adopt the ability
of acting faithful and honest physically and mentally

faithfullness to thee
honesty to thee
dishonesty should flee
unfaithfulness should flee
Track Name: Dark of The Covenant
I'm not saying
I'm not saying
I'm not saying you're wrong


I'm just saying
in this reality
you are deceived by your own hypocrisy

time to evolve
be empathetic
in a manner that is prophetic

The dark of the covenant light
You should not open up your eyes
You should not step into the light
The dark of the covenant lies
Track Name: Thou Shalt Rape, Abuse, and-or Torture
inflicting harm on those of who
are much-more less help- less than you
is something you should not do
would you want it done to you

live you life upon the rule
unto others -is a virtue
know before you deal that deathblow
you will reap that which you sew

thou shall not abuse
neither rape nor torture too
live you life unto others
as they would do to you, (Hey!)

If you live your life by the sword
You will die by the sword
Track Name: Parents Shall Be Persons That Create For A Child; A Stable, Nurturing Home Environment, Be a Positive Role Model, And Play a Positive And Active Part in the Child's Life
most important thing that
most important thing that
most important thing that
you can provide

a sense of being loved
feeling of being loved
now give your kid a hug
while you've got time

enourage her praise
and make her feel safe
ask about her day
but keep in mind

consistency above
now give your kid a hug
enforce your rules with love
be firm but kind

parents shall be persons that create for a child
a stable active positive role and lifestyle
a home of nurishment --- a stable environment
a moral circumference
Track Name: The Commandments of Morality
and so this creed was taught to me by the logical minds of the 21st century
indicative bush voice within a fire, from up way up high on mount Sinai
did not appear in a blaze of glory, don't be confused, but we speak in absolutes
there is no bush voice with a fire, from up way up high on mount Sinai

these are the laws of morality
these are commands that really make sense to me
it's up to us to make a reality
of these guidelines for all of humanity
Track Name: Thou Shalt Kill Humankind With Exception to Defend The Innocent, Nor Kill Any Life for Enjoyment, Compulsion, Sport and-or Cruelty
shall not kill

killing is permitted only for the defense of the innocent and for feeding them

shall not kill ourselves
Track Name: Thou Shalt Cause Malicious Intent
A boring causal circumstance.
It's not that I believe in you.
It's just a way to wade through time--another hole to dig.
Just take a chance, dehumanize.
The only hope is to hurt.
The only way to feel alive.
The only hope is no hope at all.
Labors of man will not survive.
The greatest of hurts is hope,
A dull, prefabricated pain.
The only hope is loss of all hope.
Labors of man will not remain..
One can't relive
The past, a void.
The path of death
Lies in the mind.
Lies of the mind.
The death of paths.
Avoid the past
One can't relive.